Hiking in the Mountains near Brannenburg (Part I)

Sunday, September 7, 2003. Dirk had selected a hiking route through the mountains near Brannenburg, which – according to his guide book – was the piece-of-cake sort of a tour that even an inebriate sloth should be able to walk on one leg in “less than 4 hours”. When we set out for the mountains, the first thing we stumbled upon after leaving Brannenburg’s railroad station was a panoramic map of the local hiking routes on which the tour we were about to take was characterized with the attributes “very difficult” and “long (8 hours)”. The subtle discrepancy between “The Book” and “The Map” was thereupon the subject of an extended controversial debate, not least because there were expecting women among our group to whom the thought of having to walk twice as long as initially planned seemed rather unpleasant. We finally agreed on going anyway, and it turned out in the end that the truth lay somewhere in between the two extremes: moderately difficult, 6 hours walking time. The degree of difficulty was clearly too high for the average Bavarian sloth whereas, admittedly, the total time requirements were largely dependent on the linger period at the mountain lodge we stopped at to have lunch & beer.

“Farm holidays in Bavaria”. Eat and sleep on the meadows.

Four or rather eight hours? The organizer  of the tour (center of picture, blue shirt) appears to feel guilty a bit.

The situation gets worse everytime we go to the mountains. What sort of program is this?  “Fight erosion – drop some waste”?

These guys should better know the answer.

Experts @ work: low-tech navigation in the GPS era.

Food & drink ahead. Just one more hill to go.

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