A Rafting Tour on the Isar River

Sunday, July 26, 2003. The best way to cope with this summer’s record-breaking heat was to stay close to water and move slowly, if at all. Not moving is boring, though, so we went on a rafting tour from Wolfratshausen (A) down the Isar river back to Munich (B). The length of the tour is slightly more than 20 kilometers; it takes about 6 to 8 hours to get from A to B, depending mostly on the time you spend hanging around at the river banks in the meantime. Also, some people say that you should allow for some delay due to unexpected thunderstorms...

Beate, thanks for the pictures!

Drifting slowly along the river.

In the middle of the wildlife park between Wolfratshausen and Munich.

Due to the dry summer, the river was hardly knee-deep in many places - just enough for inflatable boats.

Lunch break at the river banks near Aumühle.

Ralf in a futile attempt to chart a safe course through some moderately dangerous rapids ahead. Actually, the boat survived the rapids unharmed, but not the sharp branches of a fallen tree it crashed into a few seconds later. Fortunately, today’s inflatable boats have more than one chamber, so that you need at least three trees to sink one.

Past the rapids - without collateral damage.