Mountain-biking in Waidring, Austria (Part I)

September 2001. While Monika was spending three months working in Finland, Ralf and I packed up our mountain-biking equipment and went to Waidring for a week to enjoy the last days of a beautiful summer cycling in the Austrian Alps. A few days before our vacation, Ralf had bought a Camstick XXL – a tiny, pen-shaped digital photographic device whose image acquisition capabilities barely exceed those of the pinhole cameras that kids build from food cans in elementary-school science class. The Camstick’s advantage over the latter consists mainly in the presence of a USB port and the capability to store more than one picture at a time. From a more optimistic point of view, however, the Camstick can be regarded as key technology for digital lomography. So here is a lomographic account of our sports vacation in fall 2001.

Click on the pictures to display the original, uncensored Camstick XXL images.

Waidring, Austria, in Summer 2001

“Gästehaus Luise”, our bed & breakfast place.

My favorite Camstick lomography (shot from the hip by Ralf).

Taking a break on the way up.

The famous “Stallenalm”.


Not only the cows found it amazing how the bus driver managed to maneuvre this giant vehicle across steep and winding dirt roads to this place.

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